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A lot of things have happened in almost two years.

Since I wrote the last post on this website a lot has happened. I’ll make a list of some of the highlights:

  • I was ‘let go’ (read: fired because the new management found someone they liked better) from a job I had for 10 years.
  • Two weeks after being let go from said job, I started work in I.T. again after a long time out of the field. It’s challenging but quite fun.
  • I moved into a condo and had a garage of my own again. No more storage units.
  • Decided that the E34 was no longer road worthy and bought an E39 540i. The car was in great shape cosmetically but didn’t run very well. I got it running well in short order.
  • My E30 was rear ended in traffic. It’s totally fixable still awaits repairs.
  • There was a long period where nothing of note happened. We did have an unexpected houseguest at one point which caused some court time but that’s dirty laundry I don’t want to air.
  • The person we’re renting the condo from decides she wants to sell it. And eventually does.
  • Dyandra decided it was a good idea to buy a house. I’m not completely onboard with the idea but it’s not a bad one. Timing is terrible though and we get outbid on every house we offer on.
  • Put an M5 bumper on the E39. It looks dope.
  • Run out of time and take a lease takeover on a pretty shitty apartment. The first day we had keys we walked into some pretty severe water damage. The property management did a half assed job of fixing it and now there’s mold.

So that’s more or less what has happened in my life since July 20th, 2015.A nearly two year update in point form.  A lot of waiting, unfortunate events and some good times. Hoping the summer is fun and might have a new car soon to drive daily so I can treat the 540i nice. Here’s hoping I have another post about that soon. I’ll probably do one on the 540i too.

Anyway,  that’s all I’ve got.