More defeat.

Another sad E34 post. Hooray!

So I’m working on getting this pile started. The crank position sensor measures out of spec and the spark plugs are gas fouled,┬áblack and improperly gapped. Did the homework and the E30 CPS is compatible with my E34 so I figure I’ll swap it in since I have a spare from the E30. Except when I do, the lead seems a bit short to go to where the original one plugged in. So there’s been some foolery going on there. Basically I’m not sure how the car ran at all. If the CPS and 6th cylinder signal from the spark plug wire was reversed the car shouldn’t have even started at all.

Anyway, another ECS order was put in for some tune up bits (air filter panel, intake boot, spark plugs) and a new cps and maybe a few other things that might be escaping me. Hopefully I can get the new part in and get this pile running. I’m also going to replace all the intake side rubber bits to eliminate any possible upstream leaks.

Should have the new parts in my hand on the 20th. If I can’t get it going by then, I’m going to admit defeat and throw money at it. Or I can rent a garage somewhere and tinker away for an undetermined amount of time which seems to be in shorter supply these days. ┬áBut one thing is for sure, I’m sick of working on this thing in the cold parking lot at my apartment. Either way, it’s seeming like it’s starting to become a bit of a ball and chain. I just want to go drive this damn thing.