Good times, Bad times.

This was supposed to be it. The weekend I got my car (the E34) ready for safety.  All the parts were ordered and had arrived. As per the pre-safety, I needed new gas tank straps, a left side lower control arm, tires on all four corners and windshield wiper blades. All of these things were sitting in my office ready to be installed.

Plan was to plow through it to get it done. One day, one shot, fineto. And it was a realistic goal too. All the research i did on how the gas tank was mounted made that job look like it’d take an hour or so. The tires being mounted was also an hour long process. The lower control arm, well… Also easy. Four bolts and a nut and it’d be free. I was optimistic to be able to take the car for a spin around the parking lot and shake the rust from the rotors.

So first thing was to put the car on four jack stands and then take the wheels over to the tire shop for mounting. My dad helped me with this. Dropped them off, one hour later they were done! No fuss there. Went back and put them on the car and got to work on the gas tank straps. The left side one went on easy. I didn’t even remove the bumper. Then on the right side i noticed the bolt was very… Crusty. I tried to get it out with some linear force from my breaker bar but all I succeeded in doing was sheering the head of the bolt off. So I removed the bumper and with some vice grips and heat tried to get the bolt out from the top side. It also sheared off. So out with the drill. I drilled out the remnants of the bolt and ran my new fastener through with an m8 bolt on the backside and was done.  But by this time it was about 5:30 PM and it was dark and snowing which made things a lot less pleasant. I decided to give up for the night.

Sunday morning I set out to change the left side lower control arm. It was noted that it was bad in the pre-safety so I had ordered one. Got the car jacked up, wheel off and bam. I notice that the lower control arm is fine. It’s the upper that has a torn boot and borked ball joint. Unfortunately, I did not have this part so that basically ended my weekend of repair. I put the upper control arm back on, cursed the mechanic who did the pre-safety for not knowing the difference between upper and lower and went inside to order some parts.

Hopefully this weekend will go a bit smoother.