Finally 3.0

I’ve finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel and surprisingly it wasn’t a locomotive gunning to run me over. My 5-series is finally roadworthy and legal. Months of being lazy and occasionally sweating it out has paid off and now I have a very slow and thirsty (but comfortable) car to daily drive.

So what needed to be done? Glad you asked.

I got a storage unit offsite so I had a place to put my E30 but decided that I should get the E34 together there instead of doing it in the parking lot at the apartment. This would afford me the ability to leave things in process should I not be able to get something done in a single day. So with that I drove my E34 over to my storage unit. I noticed the rear end of the car wanted to go wherever it wanted so I looked at the dogbones. They were completely shot so I replaced them. That fixed things a bit but the car still wanted to wander. I then put new tie rods, control arms and a thrust arm on the right side (the left side had already been replaced in the winter). This helped a lot. The car still needs trailing arm bushings but it’s a lot better than it was.

I then installed new exhaust manifold gaskets and new flanges and donuts behind the cat. That was something that was fairly unexpected. I ended up getting split flanges and modified them to fit since the stock ones were completely rotten.

It took a while and honestly a lot of it was laziness. Some of it was waiting for parts though.

I also needed to get myself a set of summer wheels/tires. So after a bunch of searching on Kijijiji I found someone in St. Catherines parting out an E39 528i with the sport package. I sent an email with an offer, he countered and I thought the price was reasonable. I went up and grabbed them. The whole car was rough (which was good, I had considered dragging it home) but the rubber on them was great and the BMW Style 5 wheels were in good enough shape for the price.  I then ordered some hub centric rings from Summit and threw them on. They really make the car look great.

And that’s more or less that. I went and got a safety and the mechanic slid it through saying it needed a license plate light but he wasn’t going to fail me on that. The car passed e-test just fine and I also got an alignment. There’s still more to do but such is life when you drive a 25 year old car. The remaining things I need to do will get done before it gets cold and I’ll have myself a nice winter beater this year. Hopefully it holds up.

Here it is! Isn’t it handsome?